Management Boards

The FEMS Standing Orders for Company Administration provide for the establishment of Management Boards, i.e. sub-committees of the Board of Directors.

Publications board
Convenor Publications Manager
Deputy Convenor Longest-serving Chief Editor
Members Chief Editors
Delegate Representative Dr Antonio Ventosa (Spain)






grants board
Convenor Grants Secretary
Deputy Convenor Vice-President
Delegate Representatives Dr Helge Holo (Norway)

Dr Vaso Taleski (Macedonia)









Convenor President
Deputy Convenor Vice-President
Members up to 3 ad-hoc Members
(appointed by the Board of Directors if deemed necessary)
Delegate Representatives Dr Beate Averhoff (Germany)
Dr Alexander Netrusov (Russia)







Chair Member-at-Large
Co-Chair Chair, Congress National Committee
Members FEMS President
(Chair, Congress Programme Committee), FEMS Vice-President, FEMS Treasurer, Hosting Society’s Treasurer, Hosting Society’s President, Delegates Representative
Consultants Chair, Congress Organizing Board of Previous Congress

Chair, Programme Committee of Previous Congress

Documentation Statutes and Structures


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