Wear your crown with pride

fems-crown-400pxHow to add a “RecognizeReview” crown to your Twitter or Facebook profile picture

  • Go to the Twibbon campaign website
  • You will see that you can click on two green tabs which say ‘Add to Twitter’ and ‘Add to Facebook’
  • Click the tab of the platform which you would like your crown to – feel free to add your crown to both profiles
  • When prompted to ‘Authorise Twibbon to use your account?’ – click ‘Authorise app’.
  • You will now see that the crown ‘Twibbon’ is layered over your profile picture.
  • Resize and reposition your crown by clicking ‘Change Image’.
  • Next, click ‘Add the Twibbon to the social media platform of your choice.
  • Your crown should now be added to your chosen profile picture

Got the crown? Now start the discussion

  • You will see on the FEMS “Recognize Review” Twibbon campaign webpage, that there are also options to ‘Tweet my support on Twitter’ and ‘Post to my Facebook wall’. There are messages here that you can post directly, or you can of course choose to customize the post to explain why you ‘wear the crown’.
  • Use the hashtags #RecognizeReview or #PeerRevWk16 in your messages to promote the campaign
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