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Educating the next generation of microbiologists is a privilege and responsibility. To ensure we provide relevant and practical skills and knowledge to our students, we must ensure we have to the tools to do this to the highest level. The FEMS Summer School will equip attendees with a knowledge of new strategies and techniques in facilitating learning and engaging audiences through practical examples.

Therefore, the FEMS Summer School on Microbiology Education will:

  • present innovative approaches to microbiology teaching
  • explore how these new approaches could be applied both in class and at course level
  • discuss how educators can stay up to date with the latest research
  • ask how we can best design a learning process
  • look at new practical work protocols in Microbiology education
  • explore how a common European curriculum might standardize educational approaches
  • suggest how to prepare a great presentation and what to avoid
  • examine the challenges when presenting scientific topics to the general public
  • learn about encouraging understanding and communication of microbiology amongst first year undergraduates
  • explore enhancing students’ skills portfolios through volunteering and project work
  • review ‘reduction’ as key to fruitful teaching

While being primarily a school, substantial free time and an informal and cosy environment and atmosphere will facilitate academic and networking interactions between all attendees.


The full programme will be finalized in early 2020


Speakers at the school include specialists in microbiology education and microbiology research: Mary Allen (US), Paul Cos (Belgium), Beatrix Fahnert (UK), Michael Sauer (Austria), Joanna Verran (UK), Grzegorz Wegrzyn (Poland), and others tba.

Menu: Introduction – Programme – Applications 

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