FEMS Ukraine Support Grant

The FEMS Ukraine Support Grant aims to assist Early Career Microbiologists who are members of the Ukrainian Society of Microbiologists and those of other FEMS Member Societies who are in Ukraine and caught up in the war. The grant contributes up to €7,500 for travel, accommodation, and some living costs to enable the grantee to undergo research and training at a European host institution (academic or industrial). The grant is for a maximum of 6 months.

Please note – The FEMS Ukraine Support Grant will expire at the end of 2023.  Applications can still be submitted up until this date for consideration.  


Only members of FEMS Member Societies can apply. The definition of Early Career Microbiologist is not related to the age of the applicant, only to their having obtained their highest degree less than five years prior to the application point or be a PhD student*.

Please note – if funding permits, applicants who have obtained their highest degree more than 5 year prior to the application point will be considered. Final decisions on this will rest with the FEMS Grants Committee.

Applicants should provide proof that they are a member of a FEMS Member Society via the application form.

Host institutions can be industrial or in academia, but they must provide suitable facilities for the applicant to continue scientific work. Proof of their acceptance by the host institution should be given via the application (in the form of a letter from the host).

*periods of maternity/paternity leave, special leave or illness do not count toward this definition

Finding a host institution

Applicants must find interested host institutions themselves before applying for the Grant. There are many places where host institutions can be found, for example via the FEMS Opportunities Board and Science for Ukraine websites.

How to apply

To apply you can either:

  1. Click the link below which takes you straight to the application form
  2. Create a free FEMS account here or login with your credentials here. (Once logged in you can save a draft of your application to work on later.)

Apply Now

What information do I need to provide in my application form?
You will be asked via the webform to provide the following information:

  1. Information about you
  2. Contact details of your host institution
  3. Your project proposal
  4. Eligibility for the grant – this is a short section to briefly explain your situation and why you would qualify for this grant.
  5. CV – this should be kept to a maximum of 3 pages
  6. Letter from your host – This should outline the length of stay and be signed by the contact person.
  7. Proof of Membership of a FEMS Member Society – This can be a copy or screenshot of your membership number, a copy of your membership confirmation or anything which act as proof of membership.

Are interested in hosting a applicant?

Are you working in an institution which could host Early Career Microbiologists affected by the Ukrainian conflict? If so you can notify interested applicants by posting your opportunity via this webform. This will ensure applicants can find suitable positions.


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