Increasing project impact

FEMS has been working together with Member Societies to support and increase the impact of a variety of activities, such as International Microorganism Day with the Portuguese Society of Microbiology and #EUROmicroMOOCs with the Spanish Society for Microbiology.

As these successful examples have demonstrated, FEMS is in an ideal position to contribute to knowledge exchange between communities. Promoting successful local initiatives, communicating and sharing those projects, and expanding them to a wider, international audience enables the community to have a unified approach and stronger impact. Therefore, we are inviting proposals from organizations who have projects where FEMS could provide:

  • support with promotion and communication
  • support with volunteers and recruitment
  • advice on volunteer management

These proposals will be reviewed by our Board to see which could be incorporated into the delivery programme.

N.B.: you can submit a project proposal if you represent:

  • a FEMS Member Society
  • another society or organization involved in microbiology
Featured article

Lactic acid bacteria: from starter cultures to producers of chemicals

Lactic acid bacteria constitute a diverse group of industrially significant, safe microorganisms that are primarily used as starter cultures and probiotics, and are also being developed as production systems in industrial biotechnology. The aim of this paper is to provide a brief overview of the potential of lactic acid bacteria as biological catalysts for production of different organic compounds for food and non-food sectors based on their diversity, metabolic- and stress tolerance features, as well as the use of genetic/metabolic engineering tools for enhancing their capabilities.

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