FEMS Summer School for Postdocs: Application Deadline Extended until 23:59 Monday 18th March


We have decided to extend the applications deadline for the FEMS Summer School for Postdocs to allow for any extra submissions over the weekend.

Applications received up to the end (23:59) of Monday 18th March will be considered. We hope that this extra time will allow candidates to put the final touches to their applications to give them the best chance of being successful.

See the web-pages below for further information on the Summer School, and how to apply:





The following messages are from the Co-Directors of the FEMS Summer School for Postdocs:

“Dear Potential Students, it is my great pleasure to invite you to participate in this year’s Summer School for Postdocs. I’ve always believed that it’s easier to think out-of-the-box when you are not in the box and MedILS is the perfect setting for that! Our meeting will be a great opportunity to talented young scientists such as yourself, to meet with expert and highly talented scientists such as my co-director, Prof. Graham Walker, and socialize in a setting that promotes scientific and intellectual growth. Hoping to see you this summer.” – Prof. Miroslav Radman, MedILS

”I am excited about participating in the upcoming 2019 FEMS Summer School on “Biological Robustness: Evolution of Bacterial Resistance to Death” that will be held at the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences (MedILS) in Split, Croatia. My co-director, Miroslav Radman, has been a true pioneer in this area of research throughout his career and we will be joined by an outstanding team of highly accomplished expert scientists. The topics that will be covered are important and topical and should expand your intellectual horizons. Moreover, the meeting will provide many opportunities for you to get to know both the mentors and your own peers. I encourage you to apply and will look forward to meeting you in person in August!” – Prof. Graham Walker, MIT

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