Together we have an impact

28-07-2016 Dr Catherine Cotton
Supporting a coalition of more than 50 professional organizations based in and around Europe, our goal at FEMS is to work closely with our Member Societies and their dedicated volunteers to build our collective influence and direct that influence for maximum effect. To do this requires ongoing work to understand the needs of our membership, build our combined capacity, set ethical and professional standards and remove barriers to participation. This in turn means identifying and channelling new resources to joint projects and programmes, alongside better connecting and facilitating Europe’s longstanding microbiology network. Like our Member Societies we work also closely with a wide range of volunteers. The editorial boards and reviewers who ensure the high standards of our journals, the Executive Committee and Council who oversee our governance and lead our strategic development, our Grants and Awards committees who deliver these essential services, and the Scientific Programme and Local Organizing Committees who organize our fantastic Congress. By combining the skill and dedication of the FEMS staff, with that of our broad network of Member Societies, volunteers and partner organizations, we are working together to create opportunities and build capacity to make sure that the microbiology across the European region has a meaningful voice that has real impact.
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