Lab-on-a-Chip and Microfluidics World Congress 2020

Monday, 28 September 2020 – Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Oral Presentation Submission Deadline: 30 April 2020, Poster Submission Deadline: 14 September 2020


  • Developments in Materials and Microfabrication Technologies
  • Emerging Themes and Approaches in Microfluidics
    • Cell Capture of Clinically-Relevant Cellular Sub-Populations such as CTCs
    • Circulating Biomarkers Studied Using Microfluidics
    • Droplet Microfluidics, Digital Microfluidics, Centrifugal Microfluidics
    • Single Cells, Single Molecules and Vesicle Studies by Microfluidics
  • Lab-on-a-Chip Device Manufacturing, Standardization, and Commercialization
  • Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-Chip: Life Science Research Applications
  • New Entrants from Around the World Expand the Market Opportunities for Microfluidics & Lab-on-a-Chip
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