Recognizing excellence in microbiology


Do you know someone or a group that has provided outstanding service to microbiology in Europe?  Have they done something that deserves recognition? Then why not nominate them for the FEMS-Lwoff Award! Everyone in the field of microbiology (societies, groups, or individuals) may nominate a Lwoff Award candidate to be presented at the 2019 Congress before 10 of March 2018.

The Lwoff Award in particular aims to recognize those that create high quality knowledge of microbiology to help solving today’s societal problems. From Philippe Sansonetti and Sir David Hopwood to Jeff Errington, Lwoff Awardees have shown how microbiology can contribute to a better understanding, use and control of e.g. medicine, climate changes and biofuels.

Winners receive:

  • a prize-lecture at the opening ceremony of FEMS 2019 – with up to five free registrations to the FEMS Congress
  • the opportunity to present research to the wider microbiology community via the FEMS Journals and FEMS communications channels
  • an honorarium of €1.000
  • a commemorative silver medal
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