Volunteer: Beatriz Baselga Cervera

Beatriz Baselga Cervera is from Madrid, Spain. She received her graduate in Veterinary medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid. Beatriz has a Ph. D. at the Complutense University involved with ecology, evolution, and behavior of water microbiology and biotechnological applications. She has performed a short-term stay in the University of Minnesota working in the evolutionary transition towards multicellularity with yeasts. Her professional aim is to perform a post-doc in microbial evolution and in life´s major evolutionary transitions.


Featured Issue

Yeast Pathogenesis and Drug Resistance: the Beauty of the bYeast

FEMS Yeast Research is proud to present this latest thematic issue on yeast pathogenesis and drug resistance. In the past few decades, genetics and genomics studies have uncovered traits underlying the pathogenicity and drug resistances of pathogenic yeast. However, we still have a lot to uncover about the complex mechanisms used by different species to thrive in the human host, and much to do to convert this knowledge into improved clinical treatments. This thematic issue highlights the importance of the diversity of genome-scale approaches to unravel the intricate nature of pathogenesis and drug resistance in pathogenic yeasts, bringing together  a diverse range of fascinating views on antifungal drug resistance.

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