Volunteer: Maja Rischer

Maja Rischer is from a small town in the east of Germany. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and her Master’s degree in Microbiology in the city of Jena, she enjoyed it so much that she also started her PhD there.

She successfully gained her PhD on microbe-host interactions and involved natural products, at the Hans Knöll Institute for Natural Product Chemistry and Infection Biology, After this, she will initially work as a postdoc on protein engineering in Christine Beemelmanns group.

When she is not feeding marine polyps in the laboratory, Maja enjoys producing (info)graphics for applications, books or reviews. She also supports the establishment of a pharmacy in Uganda, runs several kilometers around Jena and enjoys several sport courses.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maja-rischer-940a58aa/
Twitter: @M_Rischer
Group Website: https://www.leibniz-hki.de/en/chemical-biology-of-microbe-host-interactions.html


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