Volunteer: Sabrina Koch

Sabrina studied Biochemistry in Scotland and Germany. She moved to the Netherlands, to undertake a Master’s project at the at the University of Groningen, staying on to complete a PhD in Molecular Microbiology.

Her research focusses on the identification of new mechanisms of protein translocation in bacteria, using a biochemical and biophysical approach. In particular: lipid-protein interaction, membrane modelling and single-molecule microscopy.

Outside of the lab, Sabrina enjoys engaging communication among scientists and the public. She organises workshops and conferences, such as: The Gordon Research Seminar, which encourages the presentation of unpublished data and cutting-edge research. She is now a volunteer with FEMS, sharing historically important events in microbiology through social media.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabrina-koch-330aa595/

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Bacterial-Viral Co-infections

FEMS Microbes is excited to present its latest thematic issue, focusing on bacterial-viral co-infections. Host and microbial factors are critically important for influencing the severity and outcome of infection. Interactions between microbes is an understudied yet important aspect to this process.

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