Welcome to FEMS 2017!


We are delighted to welcome almost 3000 new and old faces from all over the world to FEMS 2017, which opened in Valencia on 9 July with a warm welcome from FEMS and SEM Presidents, Bauke Oudega and Antonio Ventosa, as well as plenary talks from CRISPR-Cas9 pioneer, Emmanuelle  Charpentier and FEMS-Lwoff Awardee, Jeff Errington.

It has been a fantastic start to a week of science discussion and presentations showcasing the best of microbiology from the global microbiology community. Here is a round-up of the past couple of days in pictures:

Our 200+ FEMS Congress grantees
A warm welcome from Bauke Oudega
FEMS-Lwoff Awardee, Jeff Errington
Poster sessions and networking
Milestones on #LETTERS40 timeline
FEMS 2017 volunteers stand out
EAM discuss emerging diseases
Paella networking was a popular choice
A warm welcome from the FEMS team – come say hello
Science publications explained with FEMS and OUP Publications teams



Meet Congress grantee Doganhan Er (Turkey)
Poster sessions – Catia Caneiras (Portugal)
Meet Congress grantee Raquel Espada (USA)
Jeff Errington with FEMS-Lwoff Award medal
FEMS 2017 in the Valencian sun



Aspirations on FEMS Letters 40th timeline


































To keep updated on everything that is happening at FEMS 2017, follow the Congress using the hashtag #FEMS2017 on Twitter. Here’s to a great week of microbiology!

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