About EAM

The European Academy of Microbiology (EAM) is an initiative of FEMS aimed at amplifying the impact and visibility of microbiology and microbiologists in Europe. EAM includes leading microbiologists in their own fields and is dedicated to promote excellence in microbiology through targeted programs and activities at the edges of the discipline, and communication to scientists, stakeholders and to the public.

Every other year, the EAM executive board organizes the election of a new group of distinguished members by the current membership. Care is taken throughout the process to ensure gender balance and identification of outstanding individuals in less represented countries and disciplines. On alternate years to the election, EAM holds a two-day retreat gathering current and newly-elected members to discuss on-the-edge scientific issues represented by the new members and to consider house-keeping issues, including its relation with FEMS, and future objectives.

In addition, EAM activities include but are not limited to organizing an EAM-sponsored Symposium at each FEMS congress around a cutting-edge topic in the area of microbiology at large and infectious diseases, and organizing specialized high-standard workshops on front-line and multidisciplinary microbiology subjects.