European Academy of Microbiology

Message from the EAM President

"The importance of microbiology and the relevance of the EAM as a leadership group have been especially highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet, there are both challenges and opportunities ahead of us. The scientific publication landscape is changing dramatically, and with it, the way scientific findings are disseminated, perceived and evaluated. I recognize the ever-increasing need for digitalization and the growing importance of social media in communicating our views. As the EAM tackles these challenges, we remain committed to promoting microbiology as a field of study and recognizing excellence within its practice throughout Europe and beyond."

Jörg Vogel
EAM President

Message from the EAM President


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The European Academy of Microbiology (EAM) is a leadership group of eminent microbiology experts founded by the Federation of European...

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Symposium to honour the legacy of EAM member Pepe Casadesus
A symposium was held to honor the memory of our late academy member Josep (Pep(e)) Casadesús, held on 24 February 2023 in Seville. This symposium focused on the current topics in bacterial genetics...
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