The Federation of European Microbiological Societies is governed by a Council of Member Society Representatives (Delegates), an Executive Committee and three Management Boards. The organization is supported from the FEMS Business Office in Delft, The Netherlands.

Executive Committee


Dr Bauke Oudega


The FEMS Council meets annually with participants consisting of Delegates from all Member Societies, alongside officers of the Executive Committee.

Previous Meeting

The Council Meetings and the 42nd Annual General Meeting were held in Athens, Greece on 16-17 September 2016.

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Mycobacterial cell wall: Structure and role in natural resistance to antibiotics

Mycobacteria show a high degree of intrinsic resistance to most antibiotics and chemotherapeutic agents. The low permeability of the mycobacterial cell wall, with its unusual structure, is now known to be a major factor in this resistance.

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