Sponsoring and Advertising

Sponsoring, exhibiting, and advertising at FEMS Events

Reach a global audience of scientists through our effective sponsoring and advertising opportunities within the microbiology community. Our events have truly global participation and top class engagement with attendees. Through them you can access microbiologists in a huge variety of fields and backgrounds. 

We are happy to announce our next Congress of European Microbiologists (FEMS2025) will be held 13 – 16 July 2025 in Milan, Italy. Our Congress is one of the leading meetings of its kind that connects thousands of microbiologists from around the world. It features symposia and workshops led by prominent scientists in their respective fields. The goal of this international gathering is to provide a comprehensive forum for the exploration and discussion of various topics in microbiology. Our congresses usually attract ~2000 attendees and are made possible with great thanks to our sponsors and exhibitors.

  • For support and exhibition opportunities at FEMS2025, the largest broad scope microbiology conference in Europe, please email Carianne Buurmeijer.
  • For sponsoring and advertising opportunities reaching a global microbiology audience with the FEMS Webinar series, please email Joseph Shuttleworth.

Advertising in our microbiology journals

The FEMS Journals provide the perfect opportunity to reach your target market with a range of advertising opportunities across our microbiology journal portfolio.
The 7 scientific journals in the FEMS portfolio cover the full spectrum of microbiology

The FEMS Journals are highly-respected by microbiologists around the world.  FEMS Journals articles were downloaded worldwide over 6 million times in 2022. They provide the perfect opportunity to reach your target market with a range of advertising opportunities across our microbiology journal portfolio.

With our portfolio containing broad scope and field specific journals, you can be sure to reach the target market you need. The Open Access nature of all but one of the FEMS Journals means these articles can be read by anyone, anywhere, in the world.

For information about advertising in our journals, please contact Naomi Reeves via email or phone: + 44 (0) 1865 355396.

You can also find the Journals media-kits via the below links:

FEMS Microbiology Ecology | FEMS Microbiology Letters | FEMS Microbiology Reviews | Pathogens and Disease | FEMS Yeast Research | FEMS Microbes | microLife

FEMS Journals and Open Access

Embracing an Open Future

All but one of the FEMS journals are now fully open access (OA), with one journal, FEMS Microbiology Letters remaining a subscription journal with free-to-publish and OA options. Open access is key to supporting the FEMS mission of disseminating high quality research as widely as possible: when high quality, peer reviewed sound science is open access, anyone, anywhere in the world with an internet connection, can read it.

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