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Microbes are evolving Anti-Microbial drug Resistance (AMR). This is true with all microbes, not just bacteria. Other single celled organisms, fungi, parasites, and microscopic insects are all developing into resistant versions.

Resistance evolves because our constant worldwide use of antimicrobials creates a selection pressure on successive generations of microbes. The more resistant varieties in the population survive, and then reproduce to create a resistant population.

If antimicrobial medications don’t work, what will protect us from harmful infections? Routine treatments will become impossible. Temporary illnesses will become chronic. What was once a minor inconvenience and a trip to the doctor, could become a severe lifelong condition or even a life threatening condition. This is the AMR crisis.

Like all problems, there are solutions: We can slow down the process of resistance by not abusing antibiotics and using them carefully. We can research how antimicrobial resistance works and try to find new antimicrobial strategies. We can develop our vaccines, or find ways to make existing drugs effective again.

Finding these solutions is a complex and costly process that needs to be tackled globally. If you are active in fighting AMR, or simply wanting to know more, you will find opportunities on this page to help you untangle the complexity, join or start collaborations and find funding.

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