Fighting AMR

Microbes find their ways to beat the antibiotics and become resistant to also the last resort versions of them. If antibiotics don’t work, what will protect us from harmful infections?

Solutions are in slowing down the process of resistance by not abusing antibiotics and in finding new antibiotics. Finding these solutions is a complex and costly process that needs to be tackled globally. If you are active in fighting AMR, you will find opportunities on this page to help you untangle the complexity, join or start collaborations and find funding.

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"Funding starts here" - Grant writing for early career-researchers

The grant-writing and review process is one of many challenges for early-career researchers (ECRs). Though it is one[...]

Fighting AMR
Generating New Insights and Mechanistic Understanding of Antibiotic Resistance Development

Through these FOAs, you will have the opportunity to advance critical research areas from the National Action Plan[...]

Fighting AMR
Microbes and Antibiotics - what are they all about anyway?

A fun way to teach both adults and students about microbes and the respective antibiotics used to treat the[...]

Fighting AMR
Antibiotic Awareness - A Welsh perspective.

The onus on us to be mindful of antibiotics and their resistance has never been more important. Only when we know[...]

Fighting AMR
European Antibiotic Awareness Day: Campaigns across Europe

It is important to be aware of the risks associated with taking antibiotics and more importantly what the[...]

Fighting AMR
European Commission AMR Fact sheet

Antimicrobial resistance is recognized as being one of the greatest threats to human health. It is estimated that by[...]

Fighting AMR
Antibiotic Prescription in Ireland.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland have produced this practical guide in order to aid antibiotic[...]

Fighting AMR
The Microbes Fight Back: Antibiotic Resistance

What will a future of continued antibiotic resistance look like? How can human activities prevent the rise of[...]

Useful resources
The New Bacteriology - Royal Society special issue

Royal Society Publishing has recently published a special issue of Philosophical Transactions B entitled The new[...]

Fighting AMR
Book: Superbugs: An Arms Race Against Bacteria

Antibiotics are powerful drugs that can prevent and treat infections, but they are becoming less effective as a[...]

Fighting AMR
Antibiotic Awareness Resources - forearmed is forewarned!

Public Health England are driving the need for antibiotic awareness and self responsibility in terms of our[...]

Fighting AMR
WHO - world report on surveillance

WHO world report that gives as accurate a picture as is presently possible of the magnitude of AMR and the current[...]

Fighting AMR
Pre-call announcement: UK-China AMR Centre Partnerships Initiative

Research Councils UK (RCUK), the strategic partnership of the UK's seven Research Councils and the National Natural[...]

Fighting AMR
Phd Studentship - antimicrobial resistance genes: UK

Deatils of Phd Studentship: “Elucidating the transmission and persistence of antimicrobial resistance genes in[...]

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14th Annual Genomics of Energy & Environment Meeting

The JGI Annual Meeting will be preceded by a series of workshops and the “NeLLi 2019 Symposium: From New Lineages of[...]

Events & courses

May 20 – 25, 2019 Cold Spring Harbor Topics: Entry: Envelopes, Antibodies and Vaccines Post-Entry Events:[...]

Events & courses
Shaping the Earth's Microverse (GRC)

As one of the longest running of all Gordon Research Conferences, Applied and Environmental Microbiology (AEM)[...]

Events & courses
Animal-Microbe Symbioses as Nested Ecosystems (GRC)

The 3rd Gordon Research Conference on Animal-Microbial Symbioses will bring together an interdisciplinary and[...]

Events & courses
Lab-on-a-Chip & Microfluidics Europe 2019

Lab-on-a-Chip & Microfluidics Europe 2019 will focus to the many applications of Lab-on-a-Chip, from life[...]

Events & courses
Emerging Approaches to Study Archaea and Their Viruses

The Gordon Research Seminar on Archaea: Ecology, Metabolism and Molecular Biology is a unique forum for graduate[...]

Events & courses
Unique Biology of the Archaea Bridging the Gap Between Bacteria and Eukaryotes (GRC)

The GRC on Archaea discusses the latest developments in the field from a wide range of disciplines including[...]

Fighting AMR
ASM/ECSMID Conference on Drug Development to Meet the Challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance

The ASM/ECSMID Conference on Drug Development returns to Boston, Massachusetts for 2019. Co-sponsored by the[...]

Events & courses
11th Annual Lab-on-a-Chip & Microfluidics World Congress 2019

The 11th Annual Lab-on-a-Chip & Microfluidics World Congress 2019 will focus many applications of Lab-on-a-Chip,[...]