The first issue of our first journal FEMS Microbiology Letters was published in January 1977. Since then, we have founded several other renowned peer reviewed microbiology journals. Today, we publish a portfolio of 7 journals with our not-for-profit publisher Oxford University Press. All our journals, except FEMS Microbiology Letters, are fully Open Access.

FEMS Journals Portal

FEMS Journals Portal - All but one of our journals are Open Access

The FEMS Journals Portal is the online gateway to content from across the seven FEMS journals. It also contains information on the editorial boards, and provides access to our virtual special issues and other themed article collections.

Via this portal, you can sign up for email alerts, submit an article and read our author guidelines.

The journals focus on fair and thorough peer review by experts in the field, and rapid publication of research articles which cover general microbiology and several subfields of microbiology:

FEMS Microbiology Ecology an Open Access Microbiology Journal  FEMS Microbiology Letters, a free to publish microbiology journal with open access options  FEMS Microbiology Reviews is the primary Open Access Microbiology Reviews Journal  Pathogens and Disease is an Open Access microbiology journal  FEMS Yeast Research is an Open Access microbiology journal  FEMS Microbes is an Open Access microbiology journal  microLife is an Open Access microbiology journal

FEMS and Open Access: Embracing an Open Future

We believe that Open Access (OA) is key in our mission of sharing high quality microbiology research as widely as possible, because OA means that no-one needs to pay to read these articles published in our OA journals.

Authors (or their funders or institutions) need to pay an Article Processing Charge (APC) or be in a Read and Publish agreement with our not-for-profit publisher Oxford University Press (OUP). We know that not everyone will have access to funds for an APC, or be with an institution that has an agreement with OUP. So, while we do have a generous waiver and discount scheme, FEMS Microbiology Letters is free-to-publish for any authors unable to access funds for APCs. The journal covers the full scope of microbiology research and now accepts full length research articles. We want to ensure that no author is left behind.

The FEMS Journals make rigorously reviewed high quality science available to anyone anywhere in the world – and both readers and authors can rest assured that any surplus revenues generated by our journals are either used to support FEMS in delivering its mission and furthering microbiology, or by our not-for-profit publisher Oxford University Press.

You can find out more about it by reading our FAQs.

Join Our Thriving Microbiology Community

The FEMS journals are run by microbiologists, and for microbiologists. Every article published by us has been rigorously reviewed for soundness of science by our community of academic peer reviewers – and any surplus revenue generated by the not-for-profit journals goes directly into supporting the microbiology community.

FEMS Journals and Open Access

Embracing an Open Future

All but one of the FEMS journals are now fully open access (OA), with one journal, FEMS Microbiology Letters remaining a subscription journal with free-to-publish and OA options. Open access is key to supporting the FEMS mission of disseminating high quality research as widely as possible: when high quality, peer reviewed sound science is open access, anyone, anywhere in the world with an internet connection, can read it.

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