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15 PhD student positions available

On behalf of a number of top institutes throughout Europe, New Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases (ND4ID) is[...]

Fighting AMR

The Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPI AMR) was set up to streamline the[...]

Contributing to the Journals

Over the last 40 years we’ve launched five highly-respected journals which fund our philanthropic and campaigning[...]

Useful resources
The Microbes Fight Back: Antibiotic Resistance

What will a future of continued antibiotic resistance look like? How can human activities prevent the rise of[...]

Useful resources
The New Bacteriology - Royal Society special issue

Royal Society Publishing has recently published a special issue of Philosophical Transactions B entitled The new[...]

Grants & funding
Project proposal calls for the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme

Have a look at the Seed Money calls of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme. Seed Money is a funding that is[...]

Job Opportunities for Research Fellows at the European Commission

Do you want EU policies and laws to be informed by the best scientific evidence available? Do you have a strong[...]

Fighting AMR
Survey (Global-PPS) of Hospital Antibiotic Use and Resistance

This first global initiative provides a unique overview of the global burden of antibiotic consumption and[...]

Fighting AMR
Antimicrobial research collaborative

The Antimicrobial Research Collaborative (ARC@Imperial) consolidates world leading, multidisciplinary[...]

Events & courses
Antimicrobial resistance and therapeutic discovery training programme.

The program entitled, “Antimicrobial Resistance and Therapeutic Discovery Training Program,” (ARTDTP),[...]

Fighting AMR
Antimicrobial resistance funders forum

The UK research base in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is supported by a range of funders, including public[...]

Fighting AMR
Emory Antibiotic resistance center

The mission is to better understand antibiotic resistance to combat this crisis and improve human health. The goals[...]

Fighting AMR
JPIAMR Funding

JPIAMR supports research projects and working groups that enable researchers to collaborate across national[...]

Will you be the next Uruburu Awardee?

Will you attend the 7th FEMS Congress of European Microbiologists + 26th SEM Congress (Valencia, July 9th-13th[...]

Fighting AMR
UK Funding Council - cross council initiative

The AMR Funders Forum, has identified key themes to target current and future investments. These themes will foster[...]

Fighting AMR
UK South Africa AMR research partnership awards

The MRC and the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) have the pleasure of announcing a R9[...]

Useful resources
WHO - world report on surveillance

WHO world report that gives as accurate a picture as is presently possible of the magnitude of AMR and the current[...]

Fighting AMR
Antibiotic Resistance Map by CDDEP

Data includes aggregated resistance rates for isolates (includes intermediate resistance) from blood and[...]

Useful resources
Brexit and funding

If you work in microbiology research, chances are you expect Brexit to somehow impact your work. But how? This[...]

FEMS partners with PeerWith

PeerWith allows you to find manuscript preparation services including language editing and figure drawing by[...]

Place your job opportunity

Do you want to advertise a job via FEMS? If you have a FEMS Account, you can easily share your opportunities. [...]

Events & courses
Online courses by Coursera

Coursera offers multiple free courses, such as those below in data science and bacterial infections[...]

Grants & funding
Funding network

FEMS would like to help researchers to connect to each other to apply for funding. If you are a (member of a) FEMS[...]

Useful resources
FREE software to evaluate patents

IPscore is a FREE software to evaluate patents, technologies and research projects. It allows you to analyse,[...]


Seasoned scientists can offer reviews and comments on key issues in microbiology – like ebola, antibiotics[...]

Fighting AMR
Antibiotic Research UK

Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK) aims to raise sufficient funds over the next five years to bring at least one[...]

Events & courses
Going to ASM Microbe 2018? Apply for the FEMS-ASM Mäkelä-Cassell Travel Award

The FEMS-ASM Award supports the reciprocal exchange of one member from each organization to present his/her research[...]

Postdoctoral and PhD positions in Infection and Structural Biology: Germany

The Hamburg research consortium, ‘Biomedical Physics of Infection’ or Infectophysics aims to connect[...]

Events & courses
Standing up for Science workshop: 30 November 2017, UK

Sense about Science are holding a free full-day workshop for STEM and social science early career researchers (PhD,[...]

Events & courses
Microbe-assisted crop production (miCROPe 2017): 4-7 December 2017, Austria

The international symposium, ‘Microbe-assisted crop production – opportunities, challenges and[...]

Postdoc position in Ecology of Plant-Microbe Interactions: Czech Republic

The Institute of Microbiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences is looking for a motivated postdoctoral fellow to[...]

Volunteer opportunity - FEMS Letters Professional Development

Our journal FEMS Microbiology Letters has an unique section dedicated to “Professional Development”. It’s scope is[...]

Project Manager / Coordinator: communities and content

Are you the outgoing community builder with a passion for microbiology that will join our team in Delft? Have a look[...]

Volunteer opportunity - European Funding

The FEMS funding network is a pilot aimed at helping the community apply for more funding and with better success.[...]

Events & courses
3rd Microphytobenthic Biofilms Symposium in association with BPS 66th Annual Meeting: 9-11 January 2018, UK

The British Phycological Society (BPS) invites you to join their 3rd Microphytobenthic Biofilms Symposium and 66th[...]

Faculty Position: Assistant Professor for a Soil Microbial Ecologist, University of Florida, USA

The Soil and Water Sciences Department of the University of Florida offers a tenure track position for a Soil[...]

Postdoctoral research position in Virology/Cell biology: Croatia

A fully funded postdoctoral research position is available for a duration of two years with the possibility of[...]

Get involved in a FEMS Directorship or Committee

Are you considering making a positive impact on the microbiological community? Then have a look at our Call for[...]

Events & courses
70th Annual Conference of the German Society of Hygiene and Microbiology: 19-21 February 2018, Germany

On behalf of the board of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM) and the scientific committee, we[...]

Events & courses
14th European Conference on Fungal Genetics: 25-28 February 2018, Israel

The 14th European Conference on Fungal Genetics (ECFG14) will take place on 25-28 February 2018 in Haifa, Israel.[...]

Events & courses
28th Annual Meeting of the Society for Virology: 14-17 March 2018, Germany

The German Society for Virology invites attendees to the 28th Annual Meeting of the Society for Virology from[...]

Events & courses
5th Meeting of Regulating with RNA in Bacteria & Archaea: 19-22 March 2018, Spain

Location: Hotel Sevilla Macarena,  Calle San Juan de Ribera, 2 41009 Sevilla, Spain Conference Chairs Prof. Dr. Ruth[...]

Events & courses
Challenges and new concepts in antibiotics research conference: 19-21 March 2018, France

Antimicrobial resistance threatens the prevention and treatment of an increasing number of bacterial infections. To[...]

Events & courses
28th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Parasitology: 21-24 March 2018, Germany

Starting date: 21-24 March 2018 Location: Berlin, Germany Contact and Organisation Conventus Congressmanagement[...]

Events & courses
Early Career Scientist Research Symposium: 28 March 2018, UK

Every year, the Society of Applied Microbiology (SfAM) holds a meeting specifically for early career scientists to[...]

Events & courses
8th European Spores Conference: 16-18 April 2018, UK

The European Spores Conference (ESC) has rapidly become one of the leading ‘focused’ microbiology conferences with a[...]

Events & courses
Applications of Plant Pathology: from Field to Clinic. 18 April 2018, UK

You are invited to a meeting from the Society of Applied Microbiology (SfAM) held in conjunction with the British[...]

Events & courses
Microbial Stress Meeting: 23-25 April 2018, Ireland

Microbial Stress: From Systems to Molecules and Back Kinsale, Co Cork, Ireland: 23-25 April 2018 Registration now[...]

Events & courses
1st International Conference on Microbial Food and Feed Ingredients (MiFFI2018): 2-4 May 2018, Denmark

It is a great pleasure to announce the International Conference on Microbial Food and Feed Ingredients (MiFFI) which[...]

Events & courses
Power of Viruses: 16-18 May 2018, Croatia

You are invited to attend the conference, Power of Viruses in Valamar Diamant Hotel, Poreč, Croatia on 16-18 May[...]

Events & courses
Europic 2018: 3-7 June 2018, The Netherlands

Europic 2018 conference will take place on 3-7 June 2018 at Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands. Organizing committee[...]

Events & courses
Bacterial Persistence and Antimicrobial Therapy 2018: 10-14 June 2018, Switzerland

The Bacterial Persistence and Antimicrobial Therapy Conference will take place on 10-14 June 2018 in Ascona,[...]

Events & courses
11th Rowett-INRA conference - Gut Microbiology: No longer the forgotten organ. 11-14 June 2018, UK

Rowett-INRA 2018 will be the 11th joint symposium on gut microbiology organised by the Rowett Institute, University[...]

Events & courses
Ecology of Soil Microorganisms 2018

Dates: 17 – 21 June 2018 Theme: Digging deeper Location: Helsinki, Finland We are pleased to welcome you to the[...]

18th International Conference on Harmful Algae: 21-26 October 2018, France

The 18th International Conference on Harmful Algae (ICHA 2018) will take place in the Cité des Congrès of Nantes,[...]