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HHMI BioInteractive: Providing real science, real stories, and real data to engage students in exploring the living world

Empowering Educators. Inspiring Students.

HHMI BioInteractive brings the power of real science stories into high school/secondary and undergraduate life science classrooms.

The website provides a variety of classroom resources based on peer-reviewed science. From data-rich activities and case studies to high-quality videos and interactive media, the resources are designed to connect students to big ideas in biology, promote engagement with science practices, and instil awe and wonder about the living world.

In addition, the BioInteractive website provides educators with planning tools to build resource playlists and storylines, and professional learning materials and opportunities to deepen their scientific and pedagogical expertise.
The resources and tools reflect current knowledge of how students learn and evidence-based strategies for supporting engagement and inclusion.
HHMI BioInteractive also believes inspiration, curiosity, and love of the natural world should be nurtured outside of the classroom, and partners with filmmakers to bring high-quality science films to everyone.

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