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Curriculum Guidelines for General Microbiology

The FEMS Education Group has drafted a guideline curriculum for teaching Microbiology at B.Sc. level with[...]

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Microseum: a virtual museum of microbes

Microseum is a virtual museum of microbes (with English and Croatian language options) It is one of the results of[...]

Useful resources
Microbiology from A to Z - From Micropia

This beautiful online collection of clearly written introductions to important concepts and microbes in microbiology[...]

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Crash Course: Biology YouTube Video Series

Hank Green teaches a visually engaging crash course on biology with this series of high quality YouTube videos.[...]

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Interactive Media: Bacterial World

This beautiful and interactive website from the Museum of Natural History, Unviersity of Oxford, contains amazing[...]

Useful resources
New teaching videos available from Microbiology at NUI Galway, Ireland

Check out our new teaching initiative, just launched by Microbiology at NUI Galway, Ireland: 40 instructional[...]