The #FEMSmicroBlog highlights the fascinating aspects of all things microbiology. The blog presents recent microbiology papers, gives a voice to members of the FEMS community, tells fascinating and lesser-known facts about the history of microbiology, reports about events and meetings, highlights the global relevance of microbiology, and more. Browse the #FEMSmicroBlog to read more about your favourite microbiology and research topics!

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#FEMSmicroBlog: How does the climate change affect microbial communities



#FEMSmicroBlog: le 17 septembre est la Journée Internationale des Micro-organismes. Mais pourquoi le 17 septembre?

Le 17 septembre c'est la


#FEMSmicroBlog: Archaeal and bacterial cell walls are more similar than expected

The development of cell walls was a vital step[...]


#FEMSmicroBlog: Simulating the COVID-19 epidemic with computing models

Microbial epidemics are extremely complex[...]


#FEMSmicroBlog: il 17 settembre è la Giornata Internazionale del Microrganismo. Ma perché proprio il 17 settembre?

Manca poco alla


#FEMSmicroBlog: Science, Peer Review, and Identity

Since 2016, members of the scholarly community[...]


#FEMSmicroBlog: Fermenting Futures and the artistic view on yeast biotechnology

Yeasts are everywhere, including on and within[...]


#FEMSmicroBlog: Microbial cultures and their fermentation activities to preserve food

Fermented food products represent roughly[...]


#FEMSmicroBlog: Tell your story with science!

This blog piece is a reflection on the


#FEMSmicroBlog: Can microbes help us transition to a clean energy supply?

Much of current microbiology research addresses the question of how[...]


#FEMSmicroBlog: What's in your kombucha?

In recent years, kombucha tea gained a lot of[...]


#FEMSmicroBlog: A perspective on a retrospective piece

Once again, Ronald S. Oremland sat down for[...]