FEMS Summer School for Postdocs

The Summer School aims to foster a mindset of translating cutting-edge technologies from the research bench to scalable industrial applications. It focuses on state-of-the-art in vitro and in vivo technologies that can be used to engineer microbes for a range of novel industrial, environmental, and healthcare applications. In many cases, these applications are designed to replace existing energy-intensive processes that currently rely on non-sustainable substrates and energy sources.

The Summer School appeals to post-doctoral microbiologists who see their future careers in academia, collaborating with industry on technology and product development, or in industry as researchers, industrial microbiologists, or project managers.

You can find information on previous editions of the Summer School for Postdocs below:

Featured Issue

Bacterial-Viral Co-infections

FEMS Microbes is excited to present its latest thematic issue, focusing on bacterial-viral co-infections. Host and microbial factors are critically important for influencing the severity and outcome of infection. Interactions between microbes is an understudied yet important aspect to this process.

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