We seek to support the microbiology community through Connecting People, and Sharing Knowledge with a variety of scientific development, knowledge sharing, and network-building activities:

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The Federation is made up from 56 Member Societies in 40 different countries.
  • We publish seven highly regarded journals – Articles from our journals are read over 5.5 million times annually (2020). Together, they provide the revenues that support our charitable activities, enabling us to continue Investing in Science.  We thank and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of every contributor to this process: the Authors, the Editorial boards, Editors, Reviewers and our not-for-profit publisher, Oxford University Press (OUP) who together make this possible. Our Journals also award prizes to the best research they encounter at scientific meetings and in their publications.

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FEMS Journals and Open Access

Embracing an Open Future

From January 2024, all but one of the FEMS journals will become fully open access (OA), with one journal, FEMS Microbiology Letters remaining a subscription journal and free to publish in with OA options. Open access is key to supporting the FEMS mission of disseminating high quality research as widely as possible: when high quality, peer reviewed sound science is open access, anyone, anywhere in the world with an internet connection, can read it.

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