Out of the FEMS Research and Training Grantees, the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) annually selects one grantee for an additional award of € 1000, the FEMS-ESCMID Awardee. Reciprocally, FEMS will provide such additional award to at least one grantee, the ESCMID-FEMS Awardee. These joint fellowships will receive appropriate publicity through both organizations.


FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Camille Kolenda, University Hospital of Lyon, Bacteriology Laboratory (France)

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Eveline Snelders, Wageningen University, Laboratory of Genetics, Wageningen, (Netherlands)



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Diana Gutiérre, Villaviciosia (Spain)

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Natalia Muñoz-Wolf, Dublin (Ireland)



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Francesca Bottacini, Cork (Ireland)

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Tiffany Bouchery, Lausanne (Switzerland)



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Alexander Borodavka, Leeds (United Kingdom)

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Juan Manuel Pericas, Barcelona (Spain)



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Sergio Álvarez-Pérez, Madrid (Spain)

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Lidija Senerovic, Belgrade (Serbia)



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Martina Strittmatter, Roscoff (France)

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Cynthia Mira Sharma, Würzburg (Germany) and M. Isabel Veiga, Braga (Portugal)



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Balázs Vajna

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Ana Raquel Freitas and Susan Howard



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Alessandro Bidossi

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Jacob Moran Gilad and Leif Erik Sander



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Maria Chiara Di Luca

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Mariana Pinho



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | David P. Fewer

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Corine Geurts van Kessel



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Dimova Mariya

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Luis Jaime Mota



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Filip Ruzicka

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Frank Breinig



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Isaac Corbacho

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Paul Cotter



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Laura Menotti

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Surbhi Malhotra-Kumar



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Ida Kovacs

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Adilia Warris



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Vladimir Gorbunov

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Roy Sleator

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AMR three ways: healthcare crisis, major concepts and the relevance of biofilms

Worldwide, infections are resuming their role as highly effective killing diseases, as current treatments are failing to respond to the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). In this minireview, the impact of AMR in healthcare systems and the major bacteria behind it are highlighted. Ecological aspects of AMR evolution and the complexity of its molecular mechanisms are explained. Major concepts, such as intrinsic, acquired and adaptive resistance, as well as tolerance and heteroresistance, are also clarified. More importantly, the problematic of biofilms and their role in AMR, namely their main resistance and tolerance mechanisms, are elucidated. Finally, some of the most promising anti-biofilm strategies being investigated are reviewed.

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