Out of the FEMS Research and Training Grantees, the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) annually selects one grantee for an additional award of € 1000, the FEMS-ESCMID Awardee. Reciprocally, FEMS will provide such additional award to at least one grantee, the ESCMID-FEMS Awardee. These joint fellowships will receive appropriate publicity through both organizations.


FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Camille Kolenda, University Hospital of Lyon, Bacteriology Laboratory (France)

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Eveline Snelders, Wageningen University, Laboratory of Genetics, Wageningen, (Netherlands)



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Diana Gutiérre, Villaviciosia (Spain)

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Natalia Muñoz-Wolf, Dublin (Ireland)



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Francesca Bottacini, Cork (Ireland)

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Tiffany Bouchery, Lausanne (Switzerland)



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Alexander Borodavka, Leeds (United Kingdom)

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Juan Manuel Pericas, Barcelona (Spain)



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Sergio Álvarez-Pérez, Madrid (Spain)

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Lidija Senerovic, Belgrade (Serbia)



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Martina Strittmatter, Roscoff (France)

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Cynthia Mira Sharma, Würzburg (Germany) and M. Isabel Veiga, Braga (Portugal)



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Balázs Vajna

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Ana Raquel Freitas and Susan Howard



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Alessandro Bidossi

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Jacob Moran Gilad and Leif Erik Sander



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Maria Chiara Di Luca

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Mariana Pinho



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | David P. Fewer

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Corine Geurts van Kessel



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Dimova Mariya

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Luis Jaime Mota



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Filip Ruzicka

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Frank Breinig



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Isaac Corbacho

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Paul Cotter



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Laura Menotti

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Surbhi Malhotra-Kumar



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Ida Kovacs

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Adilia Warris



FEMS-ESCMID Awardee | Vladimir Gorbunov

ESCMID-FEMS Awardee | Roy Sleator

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Microbiomes inhabiting rice roots and rhizosphere

Land plants directly contact soil through their roots. An enormous diversity of microbes dwelling in root-associated zones, including endosphere (inside root), rhizoplane (root surface) and rhizosphere (soil surrounding the root surface), play essential roles in ecosystem functioning and plant health. Rice is a staple food that feeds over 50% of the global population. This mini-review summarizes the current understanding of microbial diversity of rice root-associated compartments to some extent, especially the rhizosphere, and makes a comparison of rhizosphere microbial community structures between rice and other crops/plants. Moreover, this paper describes the interactions between root-related microbiomes and rice plants, and further discusses the key factors shaping the rice root-related microbiomes.

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