About FEMS
About FEMS

We are leading the way in promoting excellence and equality in science, and in channelling high quality knowledge to solving today’s societal problems around microbiology. We do this by funding research, giving out travel and training grants to scientists, publishing our journals, running events, and managing collaborative projects with other partner organizations.

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FEMS Conference on Microbiology 2022

The 2nd FEMS Conference on Microbiology will showcase the most recent developments in microbiology and discuss[...]

Postdoc - In vivo efficacy of novel antimicrobials active against the bacterial pathogen Chlamydia: Sweden

Project: The extensive use of broad-spectrum antibiotics is a major aggravator of the alarming spread of[...]

Postdoc in Oral Mucosal Immunology Research: USA

The Kotsakis Lab has a postdoctoral fellow position available in the fields of microbiome and mucosal immunology[...]

13th International Congress on Extremophiles

The International Society for Extremophiles, and the Hellenic National Initiative “Mikrobiokosmos” are pleased to[...]

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Featured Issue

Landmarks in Microbiology: Anammox

This Virtual Issue is the first in our ‘Landmarks in Microbiology’ series. These collections will celebrate influential papers in the discipline published in the FEMS journals, as well as the exciting research that has grown from standing on the shoulders of these landmarks.

Our first collection focuses on anaerobic ammonium oxidation, or Anammox, a process first described in
FEMS Microbiology Ecology in 1995. The papers that follow on from the original further explore this intriguing microbial metabolism, from reporting on environmental factors determining distribution and activity of anammox bacteria in minerotrophic fen soils, to deep-sea methane seep sediments in the Okhotsk Sea sustaining diverse and abundant anammox bacteria. These papers, spanning over two decades, show the wealth of knowledge we have come to understand, and start what we hope will be a fascinating series for our community.

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FEMS and the Serbian Society for Microbiology (SSM) are happy to announce the next FEMS Conference on Microbiology, which will take place from 30 June to 2 July 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Be part of this event, where intercontinental, European, regional, and local scientists from all stages in their career and from all demographical backgrounds, can participate in a multifaceted conference.

You can find up-to-date information on the conference at femsbelgrade2022.org.

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