FEMS membership

As a Member, your Society can pass on the following unique benefits to your membership by being a part of FEMS.

Member-only grants
Access to a range of FEMS Grants only available to members of our Member Societies:

Research & Training Grants – up to EUR 4000 to support your travel and accommodation costs to pursue opportunities at a European host institution.
Meeting Attendance Grants – get up to EUR 600 to help you attend any microbiology meeting in the world.
Meeting Organizer Grant – receive up to EUR 15000 to help organise a conference, workshop or training course within Europe. FEMS can also support marketing of the event via promotion on our Opportunities Board.

Tailored support for Member projects
Do you have a project which you’d like FEMS to support and promote? Send your proposals here and FEMS can help you make it a success. Find out how FEMS can help support your project here.

Promote news about your Society for free
You can promote news about your Society’s activities, developments and initiatives for free on our communication platforms. Submit your news here. 

Discount on Academic and Science titles
Receive a 25% discount on a range of academic and Higher Education Science titles from Oxford University Press. (For current members, contact your FEMS Delegate to receive the discount link)

Member rate for Open Access Charges
Authors who are a member of one of the Societies can get a discount when publishing an Open Access article in the FEMS journals by simply indicating their Society membership in the cover letter accompanying the submission.

Have a voice in the future of FEMS
Member Societies can put forward a Delegate who has the right to attend and vote at our annual Council meeting. They elect our Board of Directors and help shape the future direction and activities that FEMS pursues.

Interested in becoming a FEMS Member?
Microbiological societies can apply to become a FEMS Member Society.  Simply fill in the membership application form  and sent it to fems@fems-microbiology.org. Successful applications will be voted on at the next Council meeting by existing Member Societies.

All FEMS Member Societies are overseen and governed by FEMS statutes.



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