Past Grantees

We use the income from our FEMS Journals to support our grants. To date we have given thousands of grants to people from all around the world, to attend meetings (Meeting and Attendance Grants), to train and advance their research (Research and Training Grants) and to organize microbiology events (Meeting Organizer Grants). 

We are so proud and happy to be able to help so many microbiologists each year to advance their career and gain unique experiences through our grants.  

Additional to financial support, we make sure to keep in touch with our grantees and share their stories in our website and social media to inspire many more microbiologists to apply and benefit from them.

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I strongly encourage all young researchers to avail of this invaluable opportunity FEMS offer of promoting collaborative exchange of expertise between international research teams, which can bring new insights and inspiration in future research”  Dr Francesca Bottacini


Considering my PhD grant no longer provides support to attend meetings, only with your assistance I would have been able to participate in this meeting” – Sofia Félix


FEMS grants are an excellent opportunity for the mobility of researchers to ensure the transfer of knowledge, best practices and experiencesIvica Dimkić



I highly ecnourage young researchers to apply for this grant and benefit from the exchange with other international groups that will enrich their personal and professional career” Irene Pèrez


Presenting my results allowed me not only to extend my professional network but also to discuss my research with the expertsLianna Poghosyan



The FEMS Research and Training Grant enabled my stay, allowing me to benefit from this wonderful opportunity and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience” – George Grimsey


If you are interested in one of our grants please visit the relevant pages: 


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