Our Partners

We partner with several organisations to provide services to our community of experts:

Oxford University Press (OUP) – As our not-for-profit publishing partner, OUP manage the publication of scientific papers in each of our journals. We use the ScholarOne Manuscripts system for author submission, and for editors and reviewers involved in our peer-review process. Head to the Journal Portal to explore our journals.


Peerwith – We have partnered with Peerwith and this unique partnership allows contributors to FEMS Journals to help each other out in author services such as proofreading, scientific editing, and visual support. They can be important when you are preparing your manuscript, poster, or grant proposal. In case you are looking for these services, we recommend working with experts through this system. You can place a service request here.


Publons – We partner with publons to make it quick and easy for researchers to track and demonstrate a more complete record of their impact as a cited author, journal editor, and peer reviewer for FEMS, all in one place. If you can see the Publons pages for the FEMS journals via this link.


AcademicLabs – This collaboration platform already includes 700+ European microbiology research groups, enhancing research matchmaking and consortium collaboration. The FEMS community on AcademicLabs opens up new avenues for collaboration between its microbiologist members and with other communities from academia as well as with the private sector, enabling them to go beyond their usual network. Sign up now.


Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE) – FEMS is committed to provide the highest standards in research ethics.  We are a member of COPE, which is the leading organization providing guidance in thinking on publication ethics with practical resources to educate and support the research community.


Society Publishers’ Coalition – This is a group of likeminded, not-for-profit learned societies and membership charities who publish as part of their charitable objectives and who re-invest the surplus from their publishing into the disciplinary communities they serve. The members share the common ambition to improve the efficiency of the scholarly communication ecosystem for the benefit of researchers and society at large in a fair and sustainable way.


Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) – We are a member of this international membership trade body that supports and represents not-for-profit organizations and institutions that publish scholarly and professional content, and those that work with them.  The mission of ALPSP is to connect, inform, develop and represent the international scholarly and professional publishing community.





Featured Issue

Spirit of Yeast

This Thematic Issue from FEMS Yeast Research comprises papers published in the past year by attendees at the ICY15/ICYGMB30 conference. These comprise original articles, reviews and perspective pieces. At the time of the conference ~15 articles have already been published with more in-train. The call for papers has been extended to 30th September for submission of original research papers by an attendee at the conference (presenting or corresponding author). As the yeast community journal, it is appropriate that FEMS Yeast Research is publishing this special issue to mark the first joint congress between these two large (and overlapping) yeast communities.

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