FEMS-ASM Mäkelä-Cassell Travel Award for Early Career Scientists

The FEMS-ASM Award supports the reciprocal exchange of one member from each organization to present his/her research at the other organization’s main conference. It has been designed to benefit early career scientists from both organizations by giving them the opportunity to present their work overseas and experience the best of microbiology in the partner country.

ASM will select the member attending the biannual FEMS Congress and FEMS will select the member attending the ASM General Meeting occurring in intermittent years when no FEMS Congress is held.

These awards are to support travel and living costs of the grantee only, at maximum amounting to EUR 4,000.

FEMS Applicants

FEMS will select the member attending ASM Microbe occurring in 2024. Applicants should be microbiologists active in research and be current PhD (or equivalent) student or recipient of PhD within the past five years. They should be members of a FEMS Member Society. The awardee will be selected from applicants whose abstract has been accepted for presentation.


Submit an abstract and travel award application via the abstract submission site for the meeting. Include the following documents when submitting:

    • Name
    • Name of FEMS Member Society and membership number
    • CV, including list of publications
    • Signed endorsement form


Past Winners of the Mäkelä-Cassell Awards



FEMS-ASM Mäkelä-Cassell Award Awardee | Paul Solis-Reyes, Western University, London, Canada



ASM-FEMS Mäkelä-Cassell Awardee | Laura Glendinning, PhD, Core Scientist (Research Fellow) in Genetics and Genomics at the University of Edinburgh



FEMS-ASM Mäkelä-Cassell Awardee | Suparna Mitra, University Academic Fellow at the Leeds Institute of Medical Research



ASM-FEMS Mäkelä-Cassell Awardee | Azul Zurzoli, PhD Research Student at the University of Dundee



FEMS-ASM Mäkelä-Cassell Awardee | Valerie de Anda, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Texas at Austin, USA



ASM-FEMS Mäkelä-Cassell Awardee | Mohd Zulkifli Salleh, Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of Manchester, UK



FEMS-ASM Mäkelä-Cassell Awardee | Kana Morinaga



ASM-FEMS Mäkelä-Cassell Awardee | Ajijur Rahman



FEMS-ASM Mäkelä-Cassell Awardee | Ember Morrissey



ASM-FEMS Mäkelä-Cassell Awardee | Francesca Turroni



FEMS-ASM Mäkelä-Cassell Awardee | Clayton Caswell



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