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Science|Business - Coronavirus R&D Gateway

A one-stop-shop for tools and information sources supporting the ongoing efforts to defeat the Covid19 pandemic


Science|Business has launched a new Web portal, the “Coronavirus R&D Gateway”, as a resource for researchers, companies, policymakers and the interested public at large. The R&D Gateway has been created in cooperation with several partner organisations. It constitutes a one-stop-shop for a number of tools and information sources supporting the ongoing efforts to defeat the Covid19 pandemic.

The Gateway features an entry point to our steadily growing database offering scientists and their institutions information on international R&D funding opportunities for their research programmes dedicated to coronavirus. The database covers calls from over 46 countries and currently has over 226 entries. The Gateway also features latest news on R&D policies and funding dedicated to the pandemic; a live blog covering current events; the recordings of Science|Business’ Webinar Series “Research Futures” with interviews and virtual panels; and links to related initiatives of our partners, including CrowdHelix, a matchmaking platform free to use for scientists eager to join forces with other research teams.

As new activities emerge, the Gateway will be continuously updated with additional information sources. Any organisation wishing to collaborate with Science|Business on this service will be highly welcome. Given the speed and breadth of developments on all R&D fronts these days, a Gateway to timely and reliable information is more important than ever.

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Coronavirus R&D Gateway
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