Sharing Success: Building Impact Brick by Brick

the microbiology community’s storytelling contest

From specialist groups in emerging topics to advocacy groups promoting public policy, communities are at the basis of developments in microbiology. These diverse groups are pursuing a joint goal regardless of their discipline or background. At FEMS, we believe science, industry and society are strongly linked. Together, we can have a positive impact on the societal challenges of today. Together, we are building communities.

How can microbiologists create a positive impact on society? It’s as simple as building with Lego©: brick by brick. A march for science that changes a country’s conditions for scientists, a local event that helps parents avoid misuse of antibiotics, a citizen science project providing insights you would never see from a clinical setting. Each initiative, each story, each brick helps create awareness, influence policy and develop the conditions to develop and promote our microbiological knowledge, now and for future generations.

We challenge you to share your success story, your ‘brick’ with us, so we can highlight as many great initiatives, local public awareness campaigns or political achievements as possible. Let’s wrap up the year 2019 on a positive note, with a collection of stories from the microbiology community. Show what’s happening from Russia to Portugal, from Norway to Greece.

How can you submit?

Complete the online form (you can submit multiple stories) before the end of 20 December. It asks you to:

  • Introduce your story in 50 – 100 words in English.
  • Add a link to source that tells the full story. This can be a news item, whitepaper, webpage or any source, and is not restricted to English written stories.
  • Tell us your name, email address and home address. We will use this information for sending you a unique gift or awarding the prize to the winner of the contest.
Send in your submission


What’s in it for you? Every submitted and published story will be rewarded with a limited edition FEMS gift. The best story will be rewarded with a special feature and comes with an additional prize: a FEMS hoody in the size of your choice!

A final note: please be aware that we reserve full editorial control over all our news and communications output, and that any news we publish must be in accordance with our vision, mission, and policies.

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