Superbugs: A new interactive & interdisciplinary education resource about the microbial word

Introducing a new interactive and multilingual educational resource to raise the awareness and increase understanding of microbial world in, on and around us. Based in South Wales (UK), the ‘Superbugs’ team delivers novel initiatives to engage with the public and maximise positive outcomes and impact.

The Superbugs adventure begins with the origin of life and the evolution of microbial diversity, and goes all the way through to infection, treatment, AMR and vaccines, delivered through interactive timelines, challenges, quizzes, animations, videos, games and home experiments. Co-produced with teachers and pupils, the project cuts interdisciplinary boundaries into numeracy, literacy, history and expressive arts.

For questions, to collaborate, or to contribute please contact Dr Jon Tyrrell (;

You can also read about a previous Superbugs project, invovling a novel pop-up science shop here.

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