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Crowdfight COVID-19

An initiative from the scientific community

Crowdfight COVID-19 is a platform aiming to redirect scientific resources towards the fight against COVID-19.

This platform invites scientists to volunteer to help a:

  • scientists at all levels of their career, even if they work in fields completely unrelated to COVID-19
    They simply need to fill a form. Help can be as simple as answering a question related to their discipline, but there are also many other tasks. There is no commitment at this point, and it takes 5 minutes to sign up.
  • researchers who are already working on COVID-19
    They can ask to perform any task for them, for free. These tasks can include labor intensive tasks (annotating data, analyzing images manually, etc.), answering questions (from simple questions about a protocol, for example, to general research questions), or setting up new techniques. Everything is coordinated by scientists highly skilled in the field of interest, so the required input will be kept to a minimum.
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