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Unlocking Potential Fund: Microbiology Society’s new fundraising initiative

The Microbiology Society has launched its first fundraising initiative for members who may require support to progress and reach their full career potential.

The Unlocking Potential fundraising appeal will generate funds to underwrite the new Unlocking Potential Grant. It will make funds available to early and mid-career members who may require an extra level of support to help them deal with a situation that threatens to hold them back from achieving what they could.

Everyone faces a career challenge at some stage – even knowing which career step to take next can be difficult. We may suffer from imposter syndrome or lack confidence. We may face a deep-rooted and fundamental problem like discrimination; we may need support to overcome a change in circumstances or we may just need someone to point us in the right direction.

Overcoming these issues requires a variety of routes to the right support. It may be in the form of a careers coach, resilience expert, or mentor or it may be a career development package. Whatever form it takes, it will be tailored to the grant recipient and unique to their needs.

Help support the people who might, in turn, one day provide solutions to global challenges and help them reach their full career potential.

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