Francophone Association for Microbial Ecology (Association Francophone d'Ecologie Microbienne)


Dr. Rémy Guyoneaud

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Francophone Association for Microbial Ecology (REG-FAME)

The Francophone Association of Microbial Ecology (AFEM) aims to promote and enable the development and enhancement of research in microbial ecology. It was created following the first founder conference in 2003. It is a place of meetings and exchanges between all the members of a community concerned with microbial ecology. The objective of the AFEM is to bring together members of the community of French-speaking countries of microbial ecologists.

The AFEM organizes every two years (odd-numbered years) a General Conference which brings together 180 to 200 people. These conferences lasts three days and comprises generally five separate sessions. The first of these symposia took place in 2003 and the tenth symposium will take place in November 2021. In even years, more limited thematic days (40 to 60 people) are organized on a particular subject (anaerobic bacteria, metal-microorganisms interaction, methods in microbial ecology, eukaryotic microorganisms and more). The general meetings take place during these conferences and thematic days.