Hungarian Society for Microbiology /Magyar Mikrobiologiai Tarsasag


Dr Károly Nagy

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Hungarian Society for Microbiology (HU-MMT)

The Hungarian Society for Microbiology aims to:

  1. promote the advancement of all areas (algology, bacteriology, mycology, protozoology, virology, etc.) of general, medical, veterinary, biotechnological, food, communicable diseases related, epidemiological, agricultural, environmental, industrial microbiology and of microbial immunology, taxonomy and phylogenetics, molecular biology, parasitology etc. (hereinafter: microbiology);
  2. promote the practical application of research results, and to introduce them into scientific education at all levels (from primary, through secondary, gradual, post-gradual higher education to continuous education);
  3. deepen the scientific and practical knowledge of the different actors in microbiology, help the dispersion of scientific achievements, to propagate the results;
  4. help members in national and international collaboration/co-operation;
  5. make every endeavour to affirm the general professional moral;
  6. endorse the moral and pecuniary interest of members
Dr Karoly Nagy, FEMS Delegate