Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology
Osterreichische Gesellschaft fur Molekulare Biowissenschaften und Biotechnologie (ÖGMBT)


Prof.Dr Michael Sauer

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Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology (AT-OGMBT)

The ÖGMBT is a scientific non-profit association, representingover 1.300 personal members and around 60 companies and institutions in the field of molecular life sciences and biotechnology in Austria. Its goal is to link the entire scientific spectrum, ranging from basic to applied science, academia and industry as well as government and media. Main focus of the society is to support individual researchers in different career stages with a variety of measures, e.g. access to international grants, local travel grants, yearly competitive research prizes, networking over different disciplines, a joint meeting that serves as a showcase of excellent life science performed in Austria, and linkages to biotech and industry in relation to open job perspectives for researchers.

FEMS Delegate: Prof Dr.Michael Sauer

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