Polish Society of Microbiologists / Polskie Towarzystwo Mikrobiologow


Prof. Stefan Tyski

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Polish Society of Microbiologists (PL-PTM)

Polish Society of Microbiologists was founded in 1927. It belongs to the oldest medical societies in Poland. The founders of the Polish Society of Microbiologists and Epidemiologists (the name bore the Company in its foundation) were Roman Nitsch, Felix Przesmycki and Zygmunt Szymanowski.

The aim of the Society is to promote the development of microbiological sciences and popularize the achievements of microbiology among members of the Society and broad circles of society.
To achieve its goals, the Society:

  • organizes conventions, symposia, scientific meetings, lectures, exhibitions and competitions
  • publishes and supports scientific journals, books and other publications in the field of microbiology – while maintaining the applicable regulations
  • gives opinions on the state and needs of Polish microbiology and addresses its affairs to state authorities
  • cooperates with related associations in the country and abroad
  • represents the collective interests of its members towards public authorities
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