Swiss Society for Microbiology / Société de Suisse de Microbiologie / Schweizerische Mikrobiologie Gesellschaft


Prof. Pilar Junier

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Swiss Society for Microbiology (CH-SSM~SMG)

The Swiss Society for Microbiology (SSM) is the professional association of Swiss microbiologists in the fields of medical (human and veterinary), fundamental, environmental and food microbiology, virology, mycology and microbial biotechnology.

It promotes the advancement of all microbiological disciplines by organizing annual meetings, workshops, courses in continuous education and by participating in current political and public microbiology related debates for the benefit of our society. The SSM advances the communication and exchange of scientific information among its members. Special attention is drawn on the encouragement and career development of young and promising members by granting an annual SSM promotion award and competitive travel fellowships for PhD students and young postdocs.

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