10 PhD positions in Microbiome Science: Italy

CRESCENDO is an interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral Doctoral Programme in the Microbiome field managed by University of Naples Federico II (UNINA) through its Task Force on Microbiome Studies (TFM). CRESCENDO aims to select a total of 10 international Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs; PhD candidates) to be enrolled by UNINA/TFM in a doctoral course of study lasting 36 months (3 years) leading to the awarding of a doctoral degree.

The recruited PhDs will conduct specific research and training projects involving microbiome studies on human, animal, soil, plant, food, environment or marine systems. UNINA/TFM will offer the necessary scientific knowledge, equipment and infrastructure to support research activities spanning from the observation of natural processes to clinical trials and to investigate the role and the possible use of complex microbial communities.

A rich and diversified range of research and training opportunities will be offered to broaden the cross-sectoral, international and interdisciplinary skills of the recruited PhDs and provide a common ground for their future careers and for new research paths with important implications for Microbiome science. To this end, the Programme will benefit of a strong involvement and participation of around 25 international and intersectoral Partner Organizations (POs) that are stakeholders of the microbiome research providing training and secondments opportunities to all recruited PhDs, including leading international companies and excellent academic and non-academic research centres.

Application deadline 30 June 2022 (5pm CET time)

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