4th B Chromosome Conference

B chromosomes are enigmatic accessory elements to the regular chromosome set (A) and, since their discovery at the beginning of 20th century, Bs have ranked among the main topics of chromosome biology. The importance of the B chromosomes was stressed in a series of conferences – 1st, 2nd and 3rd B chromosome Conferences – organized in 1993 (Spain), 2004 (Spain) and 2014 (Germany), respectively. The B biology has advanced a lot under the impact of recent development of genomics and bioinformatics tolls and functional approaches. So, it is timely to consider a new edition of the B chromosome forum.

In this way, you are invited to join us in Botucatu, Brazil in July 21-23 of 2019 for an excellent opportunity to bring exciting B-chromosome related topics and new technologies together for discussion under the view of the most outstanding chromosome biologists.

We aim to cover different areas of B-chromosome biology, including but not restricted to:

Structure, composition and evolution of B chromosomes;
Genes and B chromosome effects;
Population genetics of B chromosomes;
Mitotic and meiotic behavior and drive of B chromosomes;
New technologies and applications of B chromosomes.

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