6th International Conference on Nucleic Acids: Research and Therapeutics

The 6th edition of International meeting on “Nucleic Acids: Research and Therapeutics” is scheduled to occur virtually on 27-28 January 2023.

The rapid development of Nucleic Acids: Research and Therapeutics and CRISPR/Cas-based technologies makes it possible to modulate DNA and RNA with relative ease. This year’s program will cover emerging technologies and models, including computational approaches. In addition, we will highlight the recent advances in structural and functional approaches, methods (DNA damage, repair) and discuss nucleic acid biology at molecular and chemical level to identify novel therapeutics.

Theme: Exploring the structural and functional aspects of DNA and RNA

Opportunities: Oral, Poster, e-Poster & Video Presentation

We welcome everyone’s gracious presence for Nucleic Acids 2023 as Speaker/Poster/Delegate.

More information on the official event website

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