Academic position in Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions: Belgium

The Department of Bioengineering Sciences (DBIT) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel seeks candidates for a full academic position in the broad field of Plant – Microbe Interactions, with an innovative research program at the interface between microbiology, plant biology and biotechnology.

The DBIT department at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel ( combines an extensive expertise in microbial physiology, plant genetics and biotechnology, industrial microbiology and molecular and structural microbiology. Ongoing research lines focus on synthetic biology, gene regulation in bacterial and archaeal model organisms; host-pathogen interactions; microbial redox biology; microbial fermentation and food microbiology; bacterial and food metagenomics; parasitology; bacterial secretion and toxin-antitoxin modules.

The successful candidate is expected to set up an independent research program and contribute to the educational and organizational activities of the Department of Bioengineering Sciences and the Faculty of Sciences and Bioengineering Sciences (WE-BIR).

Research: The successful candidate will conduct innovative research at the interface between microbiology and plant biotechnology, in synergy with scientists in the Plant Genetics and Microbiology research groups. Research areas of particular interest include the molecular study of plant – microbe symbiosis, in a parasitic, commensalistic or mutualistic interaction; and the role of microbiota in the plant rhizosphere.

Teaching: The successful candidate will contribute to the molecular biology and gene technology-oriented teaching programmes of the Bachelor and Master of Science in Bioengineering Sciences and the Master of Science in Molecular Biology. He/she will organize practical training sessions (with the help of an assistant) as well as supervise Masterproof and PhD students. Knowledge of the Dutch language will be mandatory after a transition period of maximally three years.


  • As a formal minimum requirement, candidates must hold a PhD awarded on the basis of an original thesis.
  • Candidates must have a PhD degree in Bioengineering Sciences, Sciences or a related field.
  • Candidates must show a track record of research activities at the highest academic level and within the research domain of the vacancy. A substantial, international, postdoctoral experience is recommended.
  • Candidates should also be committed to excellence in teaching at the Bachelor and Master levels.
  • Candidates are expected to endorse the educational vision of the university (full text available on the university website).
  • Female candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.


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