Assistant professor - Food Microbiology: Poland

Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research PAS is seeking to fill a position of a assistant professor at the Department of Immunology and Food Microbiology.

The realization and implementation of scientific research in the field of immunology, including in particular allergology, as well as microbiology will allow the candidate to gain and receive new knowledge and analytical experience. During the work in the Department of Immunology and Food Microbiology the candidate will have a perspective for foreign internships, the opportunity to learn new research and analytical methods as part of the bilateral cooperation with Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, Christian Doppler Laboratory for Biosimilar Characterization, Department of Biosciences, Division of Allergy and Immunology, Salzburg, Austria and Obihiro University, Japan. Due to Department of Immunology and Food Microbiology researches work takes place in cooperation with clinicians and representatives of the food industry the candidate will have high perspective of improvement of his own skills and competencies by working in interdisciplinary team in cooperation with representatives of the medical clinic and food industry giving the possibility of personal development in both – basic and applied research areas.


  • PhD (in agricultural or related sciences),
  • Co-authorship in scientific papers published in international journals (appearing in the Web of Knowledge database),
  • Experience confirmed by scientific achievements in the subject of the influence of nutrients on the immune system and microbiota of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • Documented experience in planning and conducting experiments on an animal model,
  • Experience in the use of immunometric techniques, molecular biology, electrophoretic, chromatographic and cytometric techniques,
  • Managing at least one research project financed from external funds, or completed foreign internships and trainings,
  • Very good skills in using computer and analytical equipment,
  • English at a good level in writing and speaking.

Subsidiary requirements:

  • the ability to transfer knowledge at the scientific and popularization level,
  • communication skills,
  •  team working ability,
  • organizational skills and experience, including organization of international workshops and scientific conferences.

Additional comments

Research and other activities in which the candidate will take part in:

  • planning and implementation of experiments with animal models in the field of food allergy,
  • studies on influence of food components on the digestive tract immune system, microbiota and its metabolic activity,
  • study of the impact of diet components in the aspect of interactions in the area of the gut-brain axis,
  • study of the impact of technological processes on changes in the allergenic potential of food ingredients
  • preparation of projects and scientific publications.
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