Bioinformatician/data scientist position: Germany

The Institute for Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Microbiology at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Greifswald is inviting applications for the position of full-time bioinformatician/data scientist available from January 1st, 2021 until October 31st, 2025.

The remuneration is based on salary group 13 TV-L.

Work tasks:

  • Participation in the BMBF-funded junior research group (JRG) “DISPATch_MRGN: Disarming pathogens as a different strategy to fight antimicrobial-resistant Gram-negatives
  • Support for the scientific projects of the JRG mainly through various bioinformatic analyzes, such as the evaluation of data from transcriptomics and proteomics investigations, evaluation and visualization of complex data sets from whole-genome sequencing of bacteria, comparative structure analysis on the genome and protein level, 3D modeling and interaction analysis

Employment requirements:

  • Completed academic studies in a natural science subject, preferably bioinformatics, computer science, molecular biology, human biology or microbiology; doctoral degree desired
  • Extensive and diversified expertise in the fields of bioinformatics software application and analysis
  • Knowledge of several of the following areas / software applications: use of databases (e.g. ENA), sequence analysis and assembly (e.g. SPAdes), annotation (e.g. Prokka), meta and pangenome analyzes (e.g. OrthoMCL), functional domain analysis and structure predictions (e.g. Pfam), comparative structural analysis at the genome and protein level (e.g. MAFFT), transcriptomics (e.g. DESeq2), phylogenetics (e.g. RAxML) , Proteomics (e.g. MaxQuant), sRNA analyzes (e.g. BacPP) as well as 3D modeling and interaction analysis (e.g. GroMacs)
  • Knowledge of the visualization of complex data sets (e.g. Inkscape, Adobe Photoshop) and basic software (e.g. Linux, Windows, Python, TYPO3, R)
  • Good knowledge of English (comparable to B1 level) desirable; If there is a lack of qualification, the willingness to take part in training at short notice is expected
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