Connecting B Cell Biology with Antibody Structure, Function and Applications

Antibodies are multi-faceted proteins that are capable of an array of important functions. They play a critical role in immune protection against invading pathogens and also play a role in a variety of clinically relevant inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Many vaccines also induce neutralizing antibodies as a correlate of protection. Due to their high degree of specificity and generally favorable safety profiles, monoclonal antibodies have also emerged as one of the most promising and fastest growing classes of biotherapeutics.

The 2020 Gordon Research Conference on Antibody Biology and Engineering will present in-depth coverage of recent advances in this exciting field, in an informal setting designed for maximal interaction. The conference will bring together researchers in both academia and industry, providing an ideal environment for the presentation and discussion of cutting-edge findings.

The conference will connect basic scientific aspects of B cell and antibody biology with applications to clinical antibody development, with key topics including antibodies targeting infectious disease agents, immunoglobulin effector function, antibody engineering, antibody structure, and pre-clinical antibody development.

The conference will be preceded by a Gordon Research Seminar (GRS), as a specific means to foster involvement by scientists at the graduate student and post doctoral level. Planned by and for trainees, it will provide an exciting opportunity for junior researchers to present talks and posters in a supportive, interactive environment.

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