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Fanny Angelina Hesse - A Graphic Novel Kickstarter

TL;DR This project seeks support to create a graphic novel about Fanny Angelina Hesse, the forgotten woman who introduced agar to the life sciences. 

Indonesian desserts contain agar (called “agar-agar”), a gelling agent used instead of gelatine

Agar (and its derivative, agarose) is used in almost every laboratory in research, medicine, and industry; thanks to agar we have antibiotics and vaccines and much more!

We have received unpublished historical material from Fanny Angelina Hesse’s descendants, which will be a major source for this story

This material will be deposited at the Museum of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin (Germany); this story will live forever!

The graphic novel format will make this story accessible to a broad audience; we really want this story to be enjoyable by many readers!

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