Industrial postdoc in Molecular Biology: USA

Clear Labs seeks a skilled researcher to join the ranks of a fast-growing startup in the biotech industry. The successful candidate will benefit from a well-defined project while enjoying the freedom to pursue unconventional methodologies. He/she will contribute towards the experimental design, execution and analysis of novel molecular assays pertinent to comestibles.
  • assist in the development of nucleic-acid based tests within the context of a fast-paced environment
  • assume ownership of key projects and perform prerequisite tasks independently
  • design and execute experiments, analyze results, and report conclusions
  • identify, evaluate, and plan experimental details surrounding novel sequencing-based assays
  • demonstrate proof-of-principle for each novel approach and rapidly transition through product development culminating with a solution that is scalable
  • optimize assay conditions to achieve commercial levels of stability, robustness, and performance
  • be a strong individual contributor as well as a collaborative team member
  • conduct clear and concise communication with colleagues and supervisors through oral updates, written reports and technical meetings
  • maintain a detailed record of all research avenues pursued
  • demonstrate flexibility without compromising productivity
  • exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • appreciation for elegant solutions
  • well-mannered laser focused individual who values innovation above conventional company structure

Education, Experience & Cultural Requirements:

  • PhD in molecular biology, genetics, genomics or microbiology
  • at least one first author publication stemming from doctoral work
  • strong analytical, quantitative frame of mind
  • four year’s experience in wet-lab experimentation dependent on DNA-primer design
  • strong background in microbiology, genetics, genomics and a solid understanding of multiplex combinatorial assay development
  • ability to meticulously execute complex experimental designs, analyze large data sets and interpret results (by way of statistics when applicable)
  • capacity to articulate concise reports that convey key findings
  • strong desire to belong to a relatively small, agile group of scientists hell-bent on creating superior molecular assays
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